About Orgonites

How function orgonites?

"Orgonites bring life into your environment." In the truest sense of the word they activate and harmonize the aura. The influence of artificial and through technique created vibration is softened. Also potentials of agression are balanced, if orgonites are in ones setting. If you talk about harmonizing in generall, one can imagine, that the act of balancing of a previously harmful situation also may accompany with primarily negative effects. But in the end, equation, balance and harmony always brings along the universally joy of living. To coexistence in line with the flow of life and nature; amongst a at first sight hostile of life surrounding of the technical world. Orgontes help provide balance in the modern world. In unification with rest and meditation, love and being loved they function beneficial in a tremendous manner on the modern, holistic concious human being and his life style


"The subtile energies, which are generated by an orgonite are generally still not explored in detail or respectivly published. The mentioned effects have to be seen juridically as subjective, persdonal impressions."

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